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Have You heard the cliché that smokers are liable to die Young? Well, I think We have heard it too often to even take it seriously. The new saying which I want to share with Us today is the one on hearts which says that: Even though the heart is on the left, it is always right. What does this have to do with smoking? Did You just start smoking or you have been a regular for a while? Why not be compassionate to your heart and stay far away from smoking totally. Can You imagine how happy your heart would be if You refuse to light that smoke this one time? The good part is, as long as You are ready to quit, the heart is ready to forgive You and get back in order. Do You need more cogent reasons to quit smoking? Try these:

  • The major poisonous gas that enters your lungs and your blood streams from a consistent smoking habit is carbon monoxide. It makes your heart stiff and set you up for a long due heart attack.
  • How about getting addicted to nicotine? Nicotine makes your blood vessels narrow. It also helps to negatively jack up your blood pressure and heart rate. Your heart then has the added task of pumping harder and faster than normal.
  • When You smoke, your blood pressure goes up high. When your blood pressure is up high, your arteries get stretched and scarred. The lining gets damaged allowing for plaques to grow and combine with sticky blood cells. All these would eventually lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Have I mentioned that it becomes harder to breathe? This is because it damages your lungs and makes it harder to breathe. As a smoker, you will need 150 minutes of physical activity to keep fit.

Not convinced enough to quit smoking? Try these: Most of the damage from smoking is reversible. So the first step is to trash the one You have in between your fingers right now. Also,

  • 20 minutes after smoking, your blood pressure and heart rate will go down. Just 20 minutes after a smoke. If You avoid it for about 2-3 weeks, your blood begins to flow better.
  • Within 2 weeks after quitting from smokes, it becomes easier to breathe without feeling short of breath.
  • The odds of getting knocked down from a heart condition goes down drastically if You keep away from smoking or a year. Better still, if You are able to avoid smoking for about 5 years, your heart would resume work as if you never had a smoke one day of your life.
  • Do You already have a heart disease? Try giving up smoking and cut out the risk of a heart disease by half. It would help your arteries stay healthy too

Still not convinced? Try this: When You quit smoking, You also help and protect your friends and family from inhaling second hand smoke.

Talk to Dr. Seyi to get suggestions to ending your tobacco habit.

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