There is nothing as frustrating as when you are trying to lose weight and you have done everything needful. You are working out regularly to burn those excess calories, the carb craving is well under control, so you keep asking yourself, what else do I need to do?

Even though all the things listed above can be very helpful when trying to lose weight, however, there are some factors that may prevent you from making progress even without you realizing it.

Some Of Them Will Be Discussed Below:

  • Lack-of-sleepcan-cause-weight-gainof-2Lack of Sleep: One of the things that contribute to gaining weight is lack of sleep. Some people believe sleeping too much in the night can lead to weight gain but that is not the case. Studies have been carried to confirm that those, especially women, who sleep for three to five hours in the night, are more likely to gain weight than those who sleep for at least 7 hours in the night.  Some of the reasons being that, when you do not get enough sleep as required, you may feel hungry even though you are not and then you eat more than necessary.  Skipping sleep can also cause depression and unnecessary anxiety, most people who are depressed usually channel their feelings into eating more food and more junks.

Getting enough sleep is important when trying to shed weight and this is because of how it affects the body system both physically and mentally.

  • Eating Too MuchEating Too Much: It is very important to watch how much you eat while trying to shed weight. Some people may be working out regularly and when they become tired, they eat a lot. To have a good result in losing weight, it is crucial to check how many calories you are burning with how many calories you are eating. Similarly, you may not be eating too much and still not lose the weight because you are not checking the calories you are taking in regularly. Some of us are unaware of how much calories we take in daily, especially when we eat out. You can use an online calculator to track and calculate how much calories you want to be taking in per day. Also, analyzing your diet and keeping a food diary is also helpful when you are trying to watch your calories.


  • Fatty-FoodsUnhelpful Food Reward: While on a journey to shed weight, it is good to give yourself a special treat once in a while to encourage yourself. Some people who have been watching their diet all the while may feel like giving themselves a yummy treat. However, this kind of treatment can set you back. It’s like taking one step forward and two steps backward. Instead of giving yourself a food treat that is free from calories, go to the cinema or buy yourself some new clothes or shoes.



  • man_drinking_waterNot Taking Enough Water: Water performs many functions in the body. Such functions include; maintaining homeostasis, keeping the cells turgid, digestion, absorption, removing toxins among’st others. When the body lacks enough water, these functions will not be properly performed. When metabolism becomes reduced, the cells begin to start producing different proteins, toxins remain in the body and are not flushed out. When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to take enough water like 3-4 liters in a day.


  • Some Medical ConditionsSome Medical Conditions: If you have been doing everything right and you are not seeing any difference, it is expected of you to feel discouraged and depressed. Weight loss is a process that involves various factors such as exercise, diet, stress, sleep, and level of activities. There are also some factors that cannot be controlled such as the gene, hormone, body type, and age.

So when you are doing everything that is needed to shed weight and for several months, you see no positive changes in your body, then you need to go for a medical check-up. There is nothing to worry about. There are some health problems that can prevent weight loss such as thyroid, insulin resistance, sleep apnea and others. The good news is that all the medical issues can be treated so you have nothing to worry about.

Why-You-Are-NOT-Losing-WeightSo, those are some of the reasons you are not losing weight. It is important to love yourself while on this journey and you love yourself by loving your body more than anything else. So, start now by finding out what is hindering you from losing that weight. Once that has been figured out, write them down or paste them somewhere you can easily see them so you won’t fall back into old habits. Good luck!

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