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Yeast is a fungus organism that feeds on sugar and produces gas. We need a certain amount of yeast in our body to maintain a normal and healthy digestive tract. However, too much yeast in our body will give rise to many health problems.

Overgrowth of yeast produces toxins like

  • acetaldehyde,
  • zymosan,
  • arabinitol,
  • gliotoxin,
  • alcohol that can harm our body.

Why Does Sugar Affect Yeast Intolerance - DrSeyiThe most common type of yeast is Candida and it lives harmlessly in our body’s digestive tract controlled by good bacteria.

Sugar provides energy for our body and is fuel for the brain. Most of us consumed more sugar than needed daily.

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Sugars are commonly found in

  • soda drinks,
  • alcoholic drinks,
  • sugary drinks,
  • confectionery,
  • and processed foods.

Why Does Sugar Affect Yeast Intolerance - DrSeyiCandida feeds on sugar and when the good bacteria in our digestive tract are destroyed by our intake of antibiotics and oral contraceptives, it will result in overproduction of Candida.

This overproduction could give rise to yeast infection or Candidiasis, stomach bloating, tiredness, skin disorder, sugar craving, and more

When you avoid or reduce sugar intake, it will significantly help eliminate symptoms of yeast intolerances. It is important to be aware that sugars are not only found in processed food and sugary drinks, it is also in most fruit and vegetables.

When you begin your yeast-free diet, besides eliminating sugar, sweetener, and processed food, it is also good to reduce intake of high sugar fruit like grapes, apple, and honey melon.

Why Does Sugar Affect Yeast Intolerance - DrSeyiVegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes are also high in sugar. Supplement your sugar-free diet with the essential vitamins found in fruit and vegetables.

Once Candida is controlled, a small amount of sugar can be re-introduced into the diet by increasing high sugar fruit and vegetable intake.

Consult a doctor before embarking on a yeast-free diet. Find out about how to eliminate sugar in your daily diet, there are Yeast-free recipe books available that will show you how to enhance flavor without using sugar. You will be amazed by food choices available that do not need yeast and sugar.

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