Have You Ever Wondered Why We Keep Having Issues With Our Health?

During the times of our  grandparents, health issues weren't as bad as it is today. Our fast pace of life and sedentary lifestyles coupled with our Dietary Nutritional Defficiency Gaps have led us to where we are healthwise today.

Over the years, we have seen repeated cases of people with underlying health challenges deteriorating to a dangerous level and most cases were due to their negligence in taking full responsibility for their health. Keeping a positive outlook on life can help to avoid some chronic health issues.

Who Is Dr. Seyi?

Seyi Grace is a medical doctor by profession, a sought-after doctor in Nigeria who had successfully been credited by many Nigerians with her resourceful health information through her Integrative healthcare centre. 

Dr Seyi Integrative Healthcare

Dr. Seyi Integrative Healthcare was born out of her love for preventive and holistic medicine.

She believes in a form of healing that considers the whole (Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotion), using Nutrition and Natural therapies we can work to prevent minor illness from developing into serious or chronic diseases.

She supports people in taking responsibility for their life situation, your lifestyles, habits, recognize imbalances and then work to change them for the better.

What Is This Simplified Guide To Healthy Living All about? 

Yes, l know you might have been thinking about that, the Simplified guide is a combination of Strategic and well positioned information about health, preventive measures and how you can benefits from it, the simplified guide is divided into three category:


The Clean Eating To Boost Your Overall Health!

The clean eating ebook is loaded with information on how to strengthen your immune system with the best nutrients, loosing weight effortlessly.

How to evade inflammation, ten ways to know if your eating clean plan is working. 

 How To Shrink Fibroid And Balance Hormone Related Symptoms!

This ebook is a personal based research and experience gathered together to help shrink Fibroid with food recipes, Natural based plants and balance the hormone. 


 100+ Natural Remedies for Common Conditions!

This ebook will provide you with a range of natural remedies for 100+ most common ailments we face day in day out. E.g. Arthritis, Menstrual Cramps, Migraine, Erectile dysfunction, Stretch marks,  Back pain, HBP, UTI etc.

This ebook procure an explanation of how the natural remedy works and a description of how to prepare the natural remedy.  

 It will also interest you that you can get the whole package (A Simplified Guide To Healthy Living ) all three ebooks with just a click of the BUTTON below. 

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