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5 Warning Signs You Need A Massage

5 Warning Signs You Need A Massage



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Whether you’re a busy professional, a a self-employed person or a stay at home mum, stress can easily creep in without your notice. 


We’ll discuss five of the warning signs that will indicate you need a massage.


Massage have come to be known as one of the best methods to get relief of pain and manage  heath problems

stress, depression, anxiety and other stress related conditions.


But when should you go for a massage?


In this article, I’ll highlight 7 warning signs that you’re stressed out and you may need a massage and if you’renin Lagos, I’ll show you where you can get the best massage therapy.


Without wasting time, let’s get started right away…

  • Stiff and tight, aching back/neck


Sitting for long hours, bending over the table to work on a computer and other minor tasks can cumulatively heap stress on your back and neck, leading to muscle spasms and tightness that can cause pain or discomfort in the body. 


When you notice extensive discomfort around your neck muscles and a nagging back pain. 


That’s your body saying, hey, I need some more love. 

  • Uncontrolled Craving for sweet foods 


When you notice you have a surge in your cravings for dessert or other sweet foods, there’s a change in your body that you must pay attention to.


Stress generally can trigger the hormones in your taste buds that’ll push you to desire for more sweets.


When you notice your craving for sweets is high, take note and go talk to your massage therapist for a session that’ll help melt the stress away.

  • Constant headaches


Headaches are often triggered by muscle tension around your shoulders, neck and head. 


A good massage routine will keep these tensions in check and eliminate the headaches to give you a healthy posture 

  • Difficulty getting quality sleep 


Our bodies interpret stress in different ways but when you notice it’s getting hard to fall and stay asleep as you used to, it’s an invitation to go get a massage. 


A relaxation massage can help decrease the levels of anxiety and depression and improve your sleep pattern. 

  • Mood swings 


Mental stress, Hormone imbalance premenstrual syndrome (in women) can collectively hit hard on you and cause you to feel out of mind. 


A Shiatsu massage can help promote emotional and physical calmness and relaxation. Improve the quality of your sleep and help improve your mood significantly. 




Getting a massage comes with many benefits and can significantly increase the quality of your health life in all aspects. 


But seeking help from a qualified physician is always the best option when seeking medical help. 


Dr. Seyi MedSpa always opens her arms to guide her patients on the best treatment methods that will work best for them by carefully accessing your situation to proffer massage treatments that work well with each individual’s situation. 


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