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7 things to look out for When choosing a medspa


7 things to look out for When choosing a medspa




There are many benefits from a good routine to a medspa — the massages, magnificent beauty therapies and awesome relaxation topped with amazing healing benefits.


But, it’s necessary to watch out because as it is true with every industry, there’s a lot of quackery in the health and beauty industry.


By the global industry standard, a medical spa (medspa) should be owned by a physician or at least the medical services should be conducted under the strict supervision of a physician. 


When it comes to health, a slight mistake can put life at risk and for your own safety, you should ensure your favorite medspa parlour meets the following watch list before allowing them to handle your beauty, healing, stress/anxiety management or relaxation cravings. 


Below is a list of the most critical things to watch out for in a medspa. 

  • Customer Reviews 


The first thing to learn about any service you want to opt in for is what past clients who have had experience are saying about the service provider. 


It’s no different with medspa because whichever way you look at it, it’s a business and the owners are in it for profit but, how they serve their customers will tell in the reviews of their past customers. 


Whatever you see in the reviews is a reflection of what they really are.



  • Availability of a qualified supervising Physician 


In a medical setting, it is recommended that nurses should attend to patients under the strict supervision of a qualified medical doctor. 


Similarly, when it comes to a medical spa, you may have an aesthetic nurse attending to your needs but she must do so under the strict supervision of a medical doctor. 


So, make your findings, do the medspa you’ve chosen have a doctor that’s always on ground to oversee the way you’re being attended to in order to avoid or reduce any chance of a medical error.


It’s good to know, so, ask.


Moving on…

  • Consultation and assistance to select beauty products that work with your medical needs 


It is important for you to know that not all therapies may work well with your skin type or other underlying health issues. 


Does your medspa have an arrangement in place to access your needs and circumstances before deciding which treatment will be best for you.


Or they just point you to what’s available so that they can just sell their market?


It’s essential to be careful here so you don’t end up taking home a problem that may cost you more money and pain to treat. 


Making sense right? Let’s move on…

  • Cleanness of the environment 


Hygiene is a core fundamental in every medical facility. Take note how clean the environment is to ensure you may not end up contracting an infection that’d add to your medical needs.


Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Make sure it is in place before you surrender your body for treatment(s).


Hope that’s clear…?

  • Availability of modern technology 


Oh yes! Technology has improved the way we do almost everything today because it facilitates the performance of the needed functions and helps achieve greater results faster than manual procedures. 


If your medspa has no facility, that means something is missing. They are not advanced enough to care for your needs.


As a result, they may pressure you into opting for an option that may be detrimental to your health. 

  • Executive of thorough skin analysis 


A certain treatment may be good for you but because of underlying health conditions, it can cause negative side effects on your skin at the end of the day.


That is why it is very important to ensure that, before a medical procedure at the medspa, they should analyze your skin intensively so that they can be sure of the suitable rejuvenating treatment plan for you.


Skin types react differently to different skin products. Do your best to ensure you’re in the best hands. 

  • Types of available treatments 


Medical spas concentrate on providing nonsurgical aesthetic treatments and these include; botulinum toxin injections (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) injectable dermal fillers, nonsurgical fat reduction therapies, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion laser skin resurfacing and tattoo removal. 


Not all medspa offer all the services and the procedures may vary depending on where you go. Make sure to check up their website to see what services they offer or call ahead to make inquiries before you visit.


And finally…

  • Hand selected beauty products


As much as the quality of the service (and the one rendering it) is important, the kind of products used play a significant role in getting the desired results.


There’s an overwhelming variety of skin care products out there in the market and it can be difficult to tell which one(s) are a good fit.


Finding out who’s in charge of the products selection will hint you if you’re at a good medspa. 




Like every other aspect of your life, making the wrong choice can come with a lot of hurtful feelings and when it comes to your health, th

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