Seven Signs of a Yeast Infection to Watch Out For

Seven Signs of a Yeast Infection to Watch Out For

One of the top three vaginal infections that are experienced by a lot of women include yeast infections also known as candidiasis. Although some of the symptoms for vaginal infections may be similar to each other such as excessive vaginal discharge, a yeast infection is best known and usually associated with a white or whitish discharge. Yeast or candida infections can also occur in other areas besides the vagina such as the mouth, skin, etc. Discover the seven signs of a yeast infection to watch out for that are listed below.


Although this is not a serious health condition, leaving a yeast infection undiagnosed or untreated may lead to other health conditions that may include fertility issues or weaken the immune system. Schedule an appointment with a doctor if you think that you have a yeast infection in order to determine for certain whether you have a yeast or candida infection and not some other vaginal infection and then determine how to cure a yeast infection.

It is common for yeast or candida to be present in various parts of the body including the vagina. Yeast is usually found in moist areas such as the mouth or vagina. A candida infection results from the excessive growth of this yeast or fungus. No exact cause for yeast infections has been identified so far.


Seven Signs of Candida Infections

  1. Seven Signs of a Yeast Infection to Watch Out ForIf areas such as the mouth or vagina in this case itch excessively, it may signal a yeast infection. Yeast overgrowth usually occurs in areas that are difficult to scratch such as the aforementioned mouth and vagina. If the yeast or candida infection is present on the skin, it may result in red rashes on the skin.
  1. You may become overly sensitive to some chemicals such as antibiotics, refined carbs as well as yeast when you are suffering from this infection.
  1. The vagina or other body part may burn but be sore to the touch and may not necessarily lead to blisters or itching. The body part may also feel numb or tingly.
  1. When present in the vagina or digestive system, a candida infection may result in a mucous discharge that is white or whitish in color.
  1. Seven Signs of a Yeast Infection to Watch Out ForA yeast infection may also cause mood swings or coordination problems. Negative emotions may be increased to more than usual and the sufferer may become slothful in their work. Sufferers may not be able to move or balance themselves as well as they were previously able to.
  1. An oral yeast infection may lead to excessive dryness of the mouth as well as bleeding gums and tongue cracks. Swallowing may also become difficult if not impossible when a yeast or candida infection is present in the mouth.
  1. A yeast infection can lead to irritation of the eyes and areas of the eyes as well as chronic inflammation of the eyes. In order to defend itself against the retina, the retina may accumulate pus inside an inflamed tissue pocket of the eye which may result in permanent damage to vision.

These are only a few symptoms of this condition and it is important to note that some sufferers may not display any symptoms at all. Only a doctor can tell you for certain whether you have a yeast or candida infection. If you notice any abnormalities in the body, schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as you can to determine if you have this infection and then how to cure a yeast infection.

Seven Signs of a Yeast Infection to Watch Out ForThere are various ways to cure a yeast or candida infection some of which are traditional and some that are holistic or natural. Traditional treatments in addition to being expensive can lead to various side effects as well as a recurrence of the candida infections since traditional medicine only treats the symptoms.

Holistic treatments for a yeast infection use ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen or at a local health or drug store. This makes them cheaper than traditional treatment options. Holistic treatments also seek to treat the root cause of the candida infections in order to prevent recurrence of a yeast infection. The lack of side effects from holistic or natural treatments for candida infections is usually ideal for most sufferers.

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