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  1. Payment in full is required at the conclusion of each and every consultation, or at the time of the sale of any products to me.
  2. It is my responsibility to submit my receipt(s) to the office after having paid in full for all relevant consultations, treatments, services and / or products (hereafter referred to as “treatment” that I may have purchased.
  3. My attending medical practitioner / health professional shall, at all times, inform me of the nature of the treatment or procedure that is being recommended to me, including all relevant risks and expected benefits thereof.
  4. In this regard, and to the extent that a given treatment is “alternative / integrative / complementary” in nature, I am entitled and encouraged to enquire from my clinician as to why it is being recommended for me and what the expected benefits of such treatment over so-called “conventional” medicine are. The ultimate choice of whether or not to undergo such “alternative / integrative / complementary” treatment hence remains by own, subject to the guidance of my attending medical practitioner / health professional.
  5. I have been treated on the basis that I fully disclose all relevant health related conditions, allergies and illnesses to my consulting medical practitioner / health professional, which I hereby duly undertake to do. If I have doubts as to whether a condition, allergy or illness is relevant, I shall check with my consulting medical practitioner / health professional.
  6. All information given by me to any medical practitioner / health professional is true and correct as at the relevant date, and is furthermore a comprehensive account of my physical state as at such date.
  7. To the extent that my attending medical practitioner / health professional relies on any information furnished by me to him / her, and it transpires that such information is in fact not a true reflection of my health and / or physical state (“a misrepresentation”), then I accept responsibility, financial and otherwise, for any harm or damage that I may suffer as a result of such misrepresentation.
  8. I am aware and understand that the medical practitioners / health professionals at Dr. Seyi Absolute Wellness have as their goal to place me in a position of optimum health as opposed to “ordinary” health, to investigate all possible underlying causes of my ailment(s) and to treat me as comprehensively as possible. As such, unless I instruct the relevant medical practitioners otherwise, I hereby authorize and mandate the said practitioners to duly restore me to a state of optimum health, to investigate all possible underlying causes of my ailment and to treat me as comprehensively as possible.
  9. The practitioners at Dr. Seyi Absolute Wellness recommend a variety of products and dietary supplements as and when needed. To the extent that a particular brand / supplement is recommended to me, I acknowledge that I am not obliged to utilize such a specific brand, and I further understand that I am entitled to enquire of my medical practitioners / health professionals the benefits of one specified brand over any other.


  10. Neither these Terms and Conditions, nor the Indemnity form furnished to me herewith, can be validly varied, altered, amended or deleted, whether partly or entirely, without such variation, amendment or deletion being reduced to writing and signed by both the management of Dr. Seyi Absolute Wellness and myself.

  11. I undertake to follow any and all post-diagnostic and post-treatment instructions that I may receive from my medical practitioner / health professional, including but not limited to abiding by a specific diet / eating plan, the use of any other medication, and the avoidance of contact sport.

  12. I undertake to immediately contact the Practice to the extent that I believe that any complications or side effects are developing, following my treatment.

  13. I acknowledge that it may be necessary from time to time for the Practice to utilize the services of experts /specialists from other fields to ensure the optimal day-to-day running of the management of the Practice, and I hereby authorize the Practice to furnish said experts with information pertaining to my medical condition, treatment and management to the extent that it is necessary for such optimal day-to-day running and management of the Practice, provided however that such persons deal with said information strictly confidentially.
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