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Go from a 30 seconds man to a 30 minutes man in 30 days with the MANPOWER KIT.

Your wife will scream and shout your name all night when you climb the stage. Just show her you’re the king

Because, your d_ck will become bigger, longer, and most importantly… STRONGER so that it will stand firm and perform tirelessly for each round you climb the stage

The secret is hidden in THE MANPOWER KIT. It’s a  bundle of confidence and its indeed confidential

THE MANPOWER KIT comes in one liquid Bottle medication, and a cup of 60 pieces of capsules for 30 days of treatment therapy duration to effectively boost your sexual stamina and ability to arise for the occasion whenever tradition demands

The MANPOWER KIT is a power pack of revitalizing ingredients designed to shoot your testosterone level to the highest degree so that your machine gun can fire tirelessly when you most need it

One shot of the liquid in the morning and in the evening. 2 capsules at night after dinner in just 30 days is all you need to bring your cock back to life at a higher performance level to put you in control of your bedroom game.

Your thing will be BIG. It’ll be LONG. It’ll STRONGER. And yup… she’ll love it



  • It gives you a stronger erection so that you can achieve a sharp penetration that will bring out the most pleasurable feeling your partner craves for in her man so that you can be seen as the king of the house


  • It corrects your hormone levels to help delay ejaculation so that you can last longer and take her to cloud-9 where every woman dreams to be under the ride of her man


  • MANPOWER KIT also renews your energy levels and enable you to go about your daily activities and when you return to the bedroom at night, you are still left with enough strength in your tank to ride her for 2 or more rounds

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