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Satisfy your sugar cravings with DR. SEYI DATE ENERGY SNACKS as every bite bite if full of amazing healthy nutrients your body needs to glow

Get more energy. Replace synthetic sugar with natural sugary taste from Dates

Looking for a date? Now is the right time. In fact, you can date on the go with our energy rich date snack and you’d love the taste and the amazing health benefits

  1. SEYI DATE SNACK is a great piece to jumpstart your day in the morning and in the afternoon, they become the energy shots you need to keep you going all day long even when you don’t have a date outside

Every bite will get you begging for more and the health benefits are worth every bite you take.

They’re natural and a great replacement of sugar for all ages. Oh yes! You’ll love the taste.

It’s a friendly snack for all ages and yup, you’ll have to hide it from the children or else, they’ll start dating before you return home.  


There are amazing health benefits you’ll receive for using DR. SEYI’s  DATE ENERGY SNACKS, here’s to mention but a few:

  1. Very nutritious as they’re rich in calories, fibers, vitamins, and minerals
  2. High in disease-fighting antioxidants that support your body cells in fighting illnesses
  3. Promotes brain health
  4. An excellent natural sweetener
  5. Encourages stronger and healthy bones
  6. Helps control blood sugar control


  • Can be taken as snacks
  • Great addition to smoothies and breakfast meals

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