SHOCKING Medical breakthrough of a 'Windsor University Graduate'...

Reveals the Natural Ingredients for Crushing STIs in  2 Weeks or Less… Without Swallowing Any Oversized Bitter Pills or Painful Injections Ever Again GUARANTEED!

As many doctors frown their faces at my amazing discovery… a lot of STI patients are NOW singing praises and sending me goodwill messages for saving their lives from chronic infections that tortured them for years.

And NOW all fingers are pointing to my amazing secret healing power that's helped 474 people (and still counting) to wave goodbye to chronic infections in their lives forever.

Without having to swallow bitter oversized drugs or painful injections that cause pain and make you weak all day long.

 "Certainly, ur products are superb I'm really experiencing some rapid development like; firmness of my dick, physical strength etc"

 "I can't wait for this thing to be over, lemme carry my twins"

 "I bought this herb for my gf last 2 weeks and she started seeing changes withing 3 days no more itching the discharge is now normal"

 "Awesome… sex now is on another level. Before now run away from sex because of lower abdominal pain but now I practically beg for sex. The other day I was on my husband for close to 45 mins I was damn wet and dripping all through"

 "God in his infinite mercy… will bless you"

Dear friend,

If you experience...


  • A painful/burning sensation when you urinate
  • A milky or yellowish discharge from your private part with a terrible odor that follows you around
  • An uncontrolled/severe itching in your private part even when you're in the public
  • Unusual swelling of your genitals
  • Rashes around your private part
  • Cramps/Painful Periods
  • Weak erection
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Painful/ bleeding during intercourse
  • No appetite for sex
  • Difficulty getting pregnant after many years of marriage
  • Heavy blood flow/irregular menstruation
  • Etc


This will be the most valuable web page you'll ever read...

Here's why:

A young medical graduate from the prestigious WINDSOR UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE in the Caribbean through her studies and research.


Has uncovered a safe and painless way to crush and cure sexually transmitted infections from your system forever— in just 2 weeks or less.

Using natural herbal ingredients used by the ancient Egyptians some 1000+ years ago that are not even bitter to drink.

It's not yet been made available to the general public but in a moment…

I'll tell you about it all and how you can even get this miraculous healing formula delivered to your doorstep if you act fast.

But first...

Take a look at the picture below…

That's a pile of ANTIBIOTIC DRUGS.

And it's what the doctors and the drug-producing companies want you to keep taking forever.

Because that's how they make their money.

But let me ask you…

Why does the infection keep coming back after taking the recommended dosage the doctor or pharmacist prescribed for you?



It's simple...


Just so that you'll go back and pay them more money for new drugs  


The big pharmaceutical companies are rolling out more drugs every passing minute and it doesn't matter to them whether these drugs work for you or not.

For them, it's business.

So, whether you get healed or not...they don't care.

But for you, all of that will stop today if you choose to act…

Because of this newfound herbal formula by this young medical graduate...


After some years of clinical research with my team and my passion for helping people get healed through natural ingredients.

I was able to come up with a super formula from herbs that has been used many centuries ago in different parts of the ancient world to cure infections.

And my formula has been helping many people to escape the agony of chronic infections.

Here's what some of them are saying...

"God I can't believe this…last two months my period didn't flow as expected, because of PID, I was having symptoms such as headache, lower abdominal pains, painful cramps and son...but right now my period came yesterday and is flowing normal"

"Good day Doctor Seyi… I used to experience a lot of waist pain but now I'm so grateful no more pain, No more bloating, no more abdomen pain"

 "I've stop feeling this frequent urination"

"But he bought another bottle again. But it;s now cleared"

"Our hero from years back… thank you for your love support and devotion"

I'm confident you can get similar healing because this product is safe without side effects.

And it's not hard to use either…

It's a powerful blend of natural healing ingredients that you can easily pour and drink like water.

And go on with your normal daily routine freely without anything to worry about ever again.

Once in your system, it locates the hiding places of these deadly infections, attacks, and crushes.

And completely expel them out of your body forever never to return again, giving you back your most cherished health in just a few days.

And in a moment, I'll show you EXACTLY what this newfound secret healing power that's 10x better than antibiotics is...

And how you can get it delivered to your doorstep if you so wish so that...


  • You'll no longer, have to gulp all those oversized and irritating bitter pills that keep making you weak all day long.
  • Never again have the doctor or nurse force draconic injections in your butt that makes it too painful to even sit many days after.
  • STOP the extravagant spending on treating infections that keep coming back after wasting your money on useless drugs.
  • And cut your trips to the doctor for infection treatment once and for all.


The major problem when it comes to treating infections is that it keeps coming back.

So, since this is my specialty as a doctor, I went into research and after many series of clinical hypotheses, I have been able to come out with a lasting solution.


The solution is hidden in natural ingredients!


After testing it on over 474 of my patients and seeing how they were satisfied with the results from the healing they received.

I said let me roll this out so we can reach and help a few more people escape the deadly claws of chronic stubborn and drug-resistant infections.

It's a guaranteed way to expel every stubborn infection from your system and enjoy a better health performance and sexual life.

You'll also become very FERTILE and stand a favorable chance to conceive and bear your first baby if this has been an issue in your marriage.

But this product has not yet been made available to the general public anywhere.

You can only get it on this page if you decide to act on time.


...the almost 500 people who have used it during the test period were so happy that they could finally wave goodbye to CHRONIC infections in their lives permanently!

And they said they're very happy how they got cured MIRACULOUSLY in a very short period of time after wasting a lot of money on other products that didn't do any healing to their body before they found my product.


Once you receive it and use it as I'll direct, you'll be able to…


  • Crush and expel all infections in your body so that you can enjoy peaceful health without taking painful medications.
  • Revitalize your reproductive organs so that you can get the best sexual performance when it's time for the show.
  • Prepare your body for conception if you're planning to get pregnant and welcome your first or next baby.


And you'll be so surprised what changes your body will experience in the next few days to follow once you receive it and start using it. Just like the people who sent the testimonials you're seeing on this page did. 

It doesn’t matter how long the infection has been in your body. 


And it doesn't take long to start seeing the remarkable changes.

All you have to do when you receive the 'THE MIRACLE IN A SMALL BOTTLE' is to…

Just open the cap and pour the appropriate quantity...


Open your mouth and pour it in and that's all…


You can move on with your normal daily activities and leave the rest for the formula to do its work.

By day 3 I should receive good news from you and tell you congratulations because...the changes you'll experience in your body will be nothing short of amazing.

These herbs are the real deal when it comes to hammering infections.

Thank God I was able to come up with this formula to help people say goodbye to infections.

For the record…


...474 people have used this amazing healing power at the time of writing this report.


…and the testimonials are nothing short of amazing!


Just look below and you'll see for yourself... 

 "I am so happy. Curbinfect has done wonders. Years of staphylococcus aureus has disappeared"

 "I have been taking Curbinfect to treat my long-time infection guess what happened vooom pregnancy indeed God is using curbinfect to restore joy in different homes"

"The first day I started taken it (3 days now) I couldn't believe the kinda blackish stuff that I saw in my stool. I used to feel some kinda heat around my waist n private part and some frequent regular urination but after 3 days I have seen changes"

 "Sure it's a miracle!"

 "After taking the curbinfect I got pregnant… glory be to God"

 I'm having my period after i took the Curbinfect wow! It will just come without any pains nothing, and the ovulation too is something else...Thank God for using you to save my life"

 "I used it myself. I ovulate like when I was in my 20s. Not looking for baby but I love good health"

 "I came here to testify about curbinfect...I am pregnant"

 "the result showed mild PID compared to the one I had before. Curbinfect really did work for me"

 "I got it to try on a recurring infection I battle with and so far it's working cos I can't smell the odor that keeps coming...Before and after my period"

If you want to see more testimonials from satisfied people who have used this superpower formula so that you can, believe me, there are many more down the page.

But now it's time I reveal the product to you but first...

Let me introduce myself to you.


My name is Oluwaseyi Aruleba-Adebayo


The brain behind the MIRACULOUS natural herbal formula…

...that's helped revitalize the health of 474+ people to escape the death claws of chronic and stubborn infections.


Which got them to be singing praises and sending me goodwill messages and calling me a blessing from above.


I studied Medicine and Surgery at the prestigious WINDSOR UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE in the CARIBBEAN and graduated with good grades.


I specialize in Intergrative / Functional medicine ( I focus on finding the root cause of your medical condition, and I'm passionate about healing from within and the root.


I spent a lot of years in school studying plants and how they can be used to achieve REMARKABLE medical healing in humans.


And yes...I've learned a lot of medical secrets using natural ingredients to cure even some deadly diseases.


That's a story I'll tell you someday.


For now, let's talk about infections and how my breakthrough formula can help you expel them out of your system so that you can enjoy peace in your body.


Through my research and studies, I've discovered many alternative natural medicines for different forms of treatment.

By helping people to experience remarkable healing using natural ingredients.

Permit me to say that I've earned a good name for myself from people who were once in severe pain but now are enjoying sound health through my products.

I'm not saying all of this to brag but...

My mission is to help people to boycott chemical medicine and use natural ingredients to enjoy quality health without spending a fortune.

And I'm just showing you how I have been doing it remarkably well as you can see in the testimonials on the page.


You see.

After my graduation, I had every right and chance to stay back and work as a first-class doctor in the US and treat only the most wealthy and influential people including our politicians if I was after the money.

But I chose to bring my knowledge back home and use it to help common Nigerians who can't afford a ticket to fly abroad for medical checkups.

And God has been helping me to do it well.

This is why you can see many testimonials on this page like the one below.

 "...the last time I got juicy and slimming like this was in my 20s but now I'm in my late 40s, I love it and I am feeling good.  

Thanks…. for this miracle in a bottle"

And now, it's your turn to experience the same amazing healing with my miraculous formula…



The number 1 infection crusher that's NOW saving hundreds of lives from deadly infections and restoring vitality in people's health around Nigeria and beyond at your disposal.

CURBINFECT is herbally and clinically formulated with all standards of hygiene in place for the treatment of drug-resistant infections and infertility issues in both men and women...

CURBINFECT is made of SUPERIOR pure natural ingredients extracted from herbs designed by nature to heal humans… used by our forefathers to enjoy vigorous health even in their old age when there was no modern medicine.

If you want to…

  • Crush and expel drug-resistant infections like Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, PID, UTI, etc out of your system, CURBINFECT is your best calling card.
  • If you want to boost and supercharge your sexual libido so you could enjoy the most pleasurable sex with your partner without using dangerous chemical products that can ruin you in the future, CURBINFECT is the way to go.
  • If you want to clear your system and correct all the damages in your reproductive system so that you and your partner can come together to get pregnant and welcome your first or next baby, you should rush and get CURBINFECT immediately.

We have helped many people achieve all of those results using CURBINFECT and I want to extend the healing experience to you out there today. 

But now, I need to establish this important point!


All cases of infection are not the same and if you saw the testimonials on this page.

You must have seen that some of my patients had to take more than one bottle of CURBINFECT before they were able to achieve the healing they needed to break free from their infections.

That does not mean the product doesn't work but their cases were extraordinary cases of infection so, they had to put in the extra effort.

But others only used just one bottle to strike out their infection.

Just know that if an infection has been in your system for a long time, the damage it might have caused will be huge.

For that reason, you'll have to treat it for a while before it'll be completely expelled from your system.

For a case like that, you may need more than just one bottle of CURBINFECT to clear it out completely.


Here's the important part...

A bottle of CURBINFECT is a complete treatment of 2 weeks which is 14 days, for just one person.

Do not share the bottle with anyone when you receive it if you want to see results like the ones you've seen on this page.

And, if you want to treat yourself with your partner (which is the best safe way to treat infections) you'll have to get one bottle for yourself and one bottle for your partner.

Making two bottles so that both of you can harness the power of CURBINFECT seamlessly.

If you are not willing to take the required amount to heal your kind of situation if there's need, please, don't order my product.

It is not meant for you.

But if you understand that sometimes you have to go some extra miles to achieve the remarkable results you need just as some of my patients did.

Keep reading...

With that out of the way...

What are the herbs used to make CURBINFECT?

 Below are the plants from which the POWERFUL natural ingredients in CURBINFECT are extracted which makes it STAND OUT tall above every other product you might have seen or heard of...


  • Citrullus colocynthis: Dated far back to 3800 B.C.E. Back in the time of the 'Roman Empire'

    The plant is native to the Mediterranean Asians of Turkey and has long been used since then by physicians for healing and lowering inflammations for better health performance.

    It's also rich in antimicrobial nutrients which makes it super effective in treating STIs.


  • Allium sativum: Native to Ancient Indians. It has long been used by the Egyptians during the time when they were building the 'Pyramids of Cheops' to combat infections and boost energy. That is why they were able to work for long hours under the sun without tiring out.

    It is famous for boosting libido by regulating the appropriate supply of hormones at the right time to the right places to help you stand erectile and enjoy pleasurable sex with your partner as long as you want.


  • Sida acuta: Super effective for combating— erectile dysfunction, throat diseases, urinary tract infection (UTI), V. Dryness, headache and bronchitis.


  • Acacia Nilotica: So, named by the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus when it was first discovered in the 1700s.

    This plant has long been known to relieve pain, irritation and wound healing by the old world of central America and is super effective in treating chronic infections like Gonorrhea and chlamydia.


  • Curculigo pilosa: Known by the Yorubas as EPAKUN is Indian spinach that's superlative in curbing infertility issues and reversing impotence in both men and women.

    It is the extra ingredient that's been helping many users of CURBINFECT to welcome their first child after many years of infertility after marriage.



What a powerful combination of natural healing ingredients you can trust.

And for the fast action takers, I've also attached a unique BONUS you'll like.

But first of all…




This is not supposed to be cheap in any way.

The quality of the ingredients in CURBINFECT is what you'd get when you go for treatment in countries like India and the U.S.

This is the kind of medication our politicians travel overseas and pay millions of naira for so they'll remain healthy and keep looting from the national treasury. Sorry to say...

So, you may be right to think it'll be expensive but just hold that thought first.

Now… even if I price it at N100,000, those who understand the value will still rush it.

But you don't have to pay that much to get CURBINFECT today if you act fast.

And since you have read down to this point, I know you are serious and want to change your situation for good…

For that reason...

You won't pay anywhere close to that amount today.


But how about N50,000?


I think that's okay…

Well, the normal price for one bottle of CURBINFECT is…



But if you act now, you can grab it for just N16,000 only and save N10,000


Pay N28,500 for 2 bottles instead of N50,000.

Plus FREE delivery to your best address anywhere around the country.

The ingredients used for CURBINFECT are not common so the stock is always limited.

It's always on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you want the amazing healing power of CURBINFECT delivered to your doorstep without paying extra for the delivery fee, now is the time.

Is that clear?








We are constantly exposed to thousands of toxins and dangerous chemicals on a daily basis.

And we take them in from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and even the drugs we take.

These combine to cause poor digestion, constipation, weight gain (in some cases), fatigue, constant headaches, and many other ailments because of the waste material stored in the colon.

The pile of waste material becomes a dwelling place for harmful parasites to live in the colon.

These little creatures in turn severely damage our internal mechanism by attacking every cell in the body.


And gradually if not taken care of on time, this can lead to many critical conditions like even... COLON CANCER and probably death if one does not have the money for the required medical treatment.

To help you avoid that end...

I added this special bonus of COLON HERBAL DETOX CLEANSER to help you clear your system of the unwanted dangerous microorganisms and the waste buildup in your ENTIRE digestive system without having to follow a strict diet or go for colonic irrigation.

So that your organs can start absorbing nutrients properly and function efficiently, giving you an overall energetic healthy performance.

Once you receive it, open the sachet and turn the whole quantity in a cup and drink it all at once when you're about to go to bed.

By the time you wake up the next morning, the work will be completed and you'll just see a free flow of all the toxic build-up in your gut going out of your system in the morning bit by bit until everything is cleared.

Don't won't have to spend the day in the toilet. It'll be normal.

And it's a safe and natural way to clean your ENTIRE digestive system without side effects.

You'll love what the COLON HERBAL DETOX CLEANSER will do for you. Don't miss it for anything.




Step 1: Simply click on the big button below and you'll see a simple form on the next page.


Step 2: Fill the form correctly with your

  • Full name
  • Your best email address
  • Phone number
  • The number of bottles you want to order
  • Your correct home or office address with the Local Government Area (LGA) and last bus stop (very important).


Step 3: Confirm your details and proceed to make your payment by bank transfer or deposit.

Get the proof of payment and send it with your name and the name of your bank to the email or phone number provided (SMS or WhatsApp).

And we'll rush you with your package within the next 36 hours if you are in Lagos (it takes less time in most cases).

Or 2-4 working days if you're outside Lagos.


Just to allay your fears, here's my...


100% money-back guarantee


I'm so sure my product will work for you, so I have to do something unusual by offering you a money-back guarantee.


And this is how it works...


When you order for CURBINFECT and use it as I'll direct you.


If you're not satisfied with the results after 14 days.


Kindly snap a picture of the empty bottle and send it to me on WhatsApp with your account details.




I'll refund you your money if CURBINFECT fails to deliver the results I have promised.


Why am I making this guarantee?


It's one of two things:


First, my reputation is on the line.


I did not come this far to get dragged for pennies. Neither do I want to take advantage of people's medical conditions.


My mission is to help save lives.


Secondly, I don't want you to miss the opportunity to strike out any stubborn infection out of your body so that you can start enjoying good health.


And again, I don't want you to have any reason not to take advantage of this opportunity while it's available at your disposal now.


This is why I have to guarantee that if you're not satisfied, I'll return your money.


I know some people will be tempted to take advantage of me on this but let's see if they'll get away with it.


For you who's concerned about your health, what do you have to lose since you'd get your money back if my product did not work for you as I've promised?




So in a recap, here's all you'll get when you order CURBINFECT today.



2 bottles of CURBINFECT === N50,000


Special Bonus:

2 Colon Herbal Detox Cleanser== N7,000

TOTAL                                          N57,000

YOU SAVE                     N29,000

AND PAY ONLY                           N28,500

Delivery Fee                                FREE



1 bottle of CURBINFECT ======= N25,000



1 Colon Herbal Detox Cleanser === N3,500

TOTAL                                                N28,500

YOU SAVE                           N12,500

AND PAY ONLY                                    N16,000

Delivery Fee                                        FREE


Dr. Seyi MD

Dr Seyi Absolute Wellness


P.S: When opportunity comes knocking, there are always many reasons to turn it down. But opportunity doesn't wait for those who choose to act later.

It's either you grab it NOW or you let it go and later regret it. Don't let that be you.



Q: How am I sure this won't affect my reproductive system?

A: Let me warn you...if you are not expecting a baby, better stay away from sex when you start using CURBINFECT.

Because you'll become too fertile such that, any slight mistake, you'll take in. And if you're a man, you'll notice how your 'South Pole' will begin to stand with confidence.

There are no side effects at all.


See what one of our client had to say 

Q: Can a pregnant woman also take CURBINFECT?

A: No! Even when you start taking CURBINFECT, as soon as you notice you're pregnant, stop it immediately and send me the good news. I'll advise you on what you should start doing to keep your baby safe and deliver a healthy baby.

Q: I'm already taking antibiotics, what should I do when I get CURBINFECT?

A: Just three words — 'Throw them away!'

Q: What do you require from me while on Curbinfect?

A: This 2-week program can be a solution to lifestyle changes because you will also get a mini lifestyle guide that would help you adjust and teach you how to prevent recurrence in the future.

Q: Can I take Curbinfect if I experience smelly, dirty, off-red menstruation?

A: Yes! CURBINFECT is formulated to work as a blood cleanser and it has the ability to also unblock stasis and give you a clean flow during your period.

Q: Can I share one bottle with my partner?

A: Hell No!!!

A bottle of Curbinfect is a treatment dosage for one person to use for 2 weeks, so it can't be shared with anybody if you really want to see results.

Buy one for yourself and one for your partner.

Q: Will Curbinfect work for painful sex?

A: Yes!

There is a special ingredient in CURBINFECT dedicated to this particular issue.

From pain during sex to bleeding during sex and everything in between. Curbinfect will effectively take care of it for you.

Q: Can men benefit from Curbinfect?

A: Absolutely!!!

Apart from the fact that CURBINFECT will help you get rid of any STI you may have.

It will also boost your libido, supercharge your erection and increase your sexual performance regardless of what level you may be at present. Many men have testified to this check the testimonials.

Q: How long does the treatment last?

A: 1 bottle = two (2) Weeks (for normal infections)

2 bottles = 28 days (works more effectively for chronic infections).

Q: How long does the treatment last?

A: 1 bottle = two (2) Weeks (for normal infections)

2 bottles = 28 days (works more effectively for chronic infections).

Q: How do I get Curbinfect

A: Are you for real?

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: No. Except that, CURBINFECT will heal you from chronic stubborn infections and help you enjoy pleasurable sex and get pregnant if you're looking up to that.

Curbinfect has been extracted in its right proportion and the doses are being titrated to suit everyone with zero side effects because it's from natural ingredients.

Q: What are the common signs and symptoms of PID?


  • Fever
  • Severe pain during sex
  • Abnormal menstrual bleeding
  • Heavy whitish discharge with an unpleasant odor that follows you around
  • Painful urination

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