Infertility in Women

What is Female Infertility:


In a very practical and simple form of explanation, Female Infertility can be explained as having unprotected and regular sex for about six months to One year and not getting pregnant. So, a basic symptom of infertility and the most common, is the ability not to get pregnant. There are other causes of Infertility and depending on the tests carried out, they may be discovered or not be discovered. Sometimes, the fault cannot be attributed to any specific cause.

Common Symptoms of Female Infertility:


Based on the difference in anatomical structure, the symptoms that could be traced to infertility are usually different from the causes of the male version. For Ladies, symptoms might include:

  • Abnormal Periods: Bleeding fluctuates. Sometimes it is higher, other times, it is lighter than usual.
  • Having Irregular Periods: The number of days in between each period varies inconsistently each month.
  • No periods: This is more scary and worrisome but in this case, the Lady has never had a period or the period after becoming inconsistent suddenly stops.
  • Extremely painful periods: We understand that the process of mensuration is a painful one, but having excessive back pain, pelvic pain and cramping is a sign to watch out for.

There are other factors that female infertility could be attributed to. It could be related to a hormone problem. If it is linked to a hormonal problem, the most common symptoms would be:

  • Changes in skin structure: This includes the presence of more acne and some very visible changes in skin structure.
  • Changes in Sex drive: Sometimes, one can also be on the lookout for sudden changes in sex drive and desire. A steady decline in sexual drive is a symptom to watch out for.
  • Dark hair growth on the body: Another symptom to watch out for, is the growth of dark air on certain parts of the body such as on the lips, chest and chin.
  • Loss of hair: Another symptom is losing hair or the sudden thinning of hair on the body. This is a symptom that could be watched out for.
  • Excessive weight gain: A sudden weight gain for women should be one of the symptoms We should look out for. Although this method is not quite definite because it could be from over feeding but watch out for sudden weight gains.

Other random symptoms of Female Infertility include:


  • White milky discharge from nipples unrelated to breastfeeding.
  • Pain during sex.

When should You be very worried?


Anyone yet to reach 35 who has been trying to get pregnant and has had little success with that for a year should really consider seeing a Doctor. For women above 35 years, once it is past 6 months of trial and no pregnancy yet, it is advised to consult a Doctor immediately. Tests would be carried out and possibly solutions proffered. Consult Dr. Seyi now.

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