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Read Indemnity Below:

I shall not hold Dr. Seyi Integrative Healthcare, its owners, medical practitioners / health professionals or its staff liable for any loss, damage or harm to my property or person, save for in the instance of gross negligence by said persons.

2. It is my medical practitioner’s / health professional’s duty to inform me of all relevant risks and expected benefits of the treatment / procedure recommended to me. Once I have been so informed, and in the absence of any further questions or objections from me, my medical practitioner / health professional and the staff to Dr. Seyi Integrative Healthcare shall be entitled to proceed with such treatment / procedure on the basis that any consent furnished by me to them in respect of the treatment / procedure would be fully informed.

3. To the extent that I may not be familiar with the inherent risks associated with such procedure or treatment, or to the extent that my medical practitioner’s / health professional’s initial explanation was not able to grant me sufficient peace of mind and adequate understanding of the nature of such procedure of treatment, I undertake to request from my consulting medical practitioner / health professional a comprehensive explanation of such risks in order that the consent I give to the said clinician shall at all times be fully informed.

4. I understand that my medical practitioner / health professional may from time to time prescribe certain unregistered medicines. I further understand that in doing so, my doctor is neither breaching any law of compromising my safety, but rather endeavoring to provide me with the most comprehensive and effective treatment available at the time.

5. Certain treatments utilised by the medical practitioners / health professionals at Advanced Integrative Medicine are widely seen as “alternative / integrative / complementary” to conventional medicine. Whilst these treatments are very advanced, they are by no means guaranteed to adequately treat or cure any condition or disease.

6. Irrespective as to whether any treatment given to me is “conventional” or is deemed “alternative / integrative / complementary”, I hereby indemnify all of the staff and practitioners of Dr. Seyi Integrative Healthcare from the consequences, medical or otherwise, should such treatment be found to be unsuccessful, whether in part or entirely.

7. It therefore follows that I understand that neither the staff, management, practitioners or the owners of Dr. Seyi Integrative Healthcare warrant the effectiveness of any given treatment or procedure, in any manner whatsoever.

8. I acknowledge that certain conditions that I may have, whether latent (not apparent at face value) or patent (known to my physician and I) may react either positively or negatively to the treatment prescribed to me. I hereby take it upon myself, to the extent that I am uncertain, to ask my consulting medical practitioners / health professionals about all the risks associated with my relevant treatments, as well as the likelihood of such risks eventuating.

9. Consequently, by furnishing my medical practitioner / health professional with my informed consent for any such treatment, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless such clinician, and Dr. Seyi Integrative Healthcare, against any harm suffered by me subsequent to the implementation of such treatment, irrespective as to whether such treatment is the direct or indirect cause thereof.

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