How I Finally Overcame Peptic Ulcer And Irregular Menses

Taking aspirin often and for a long time, a person is more likely to get a peptic ulcer. The same is true for other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

How many of us are tired of the pain and discomfort that ulcer brings? Are you one of those people who have been taking countless over-the-counter-pills to regulate your menses? Trust me, I have-been-there-done-that. I have taken so many drugs, I have seen so many doctors and it had even gotten to the stage where it became my prayer request for my ulcer to be cured. It was that serious.

Believe me; I know how it feels to be living with occasional tummy pain. It is a terrible thing; no one should live with that.

common-diseases-in-the-worldI remember those times when I would be rolling on the floor, clutching my belly as the ulcer tortured me inside-out. I know how it feels to be very hungry yet lack the urge to eat.  Even when you try to eat as little as you could, you are immediately filled with this surging pain on your stomach lining and you had to throw up the little you ate. Does any of this sound familiar?

Oh! What about the sleepless nights and the overwhelming ‘sorry-feelings’ that people have for you? The countless ‘eya’ and ‘sorry o’ can be so frustrating. I had plenty of that; it was really a public drama! I felt as if I was the only one in the world passing through this and it started to affect my work because so many times I had to call-in-sick but that didn’t stop it.

a-woman-is-lying-in-bed-with-a-painful-stomachThe sleepless nights and the loss of appetite began to tell on me and I began to lose weight, I started having to adjust my cloth to get it fitted. It was really bad! If all these sound familiar then, you are not alone and I am here to help you. Yay!

I know how it can be frustrating to seek a permanent solution to your ulcer and everything seems not to work. I battled with this for a long time until I stumbled on this incredibly effective product.


Few years back, back in my late twenties, I realized I could no longer sleep, it was around 3.A.M. Later, I started gulping down milk to quench the surging fire somewhere around my rib cage. The gnawing feeling in my stomach intensified and I started vomiting. That was when I knew I needed to see a doctor or get a pregnancy test.

Woman-suffering-from-a-stomach-acheI discovered I was not pregnant, whew! But I learnt that I had ulcer. The doctor wrote me a prescription including antibiotics, omeprazole and antacids tablets. Then he lectured me on what to eat and what not to eat.  To my surprise, all these worked until a few months later, I started to develop the symptoms again.

I resorted to making myself my own ‘guinea pig’ by experimenting on myself on what hurts my stomach and what didn’t. At a time I didn’t eat for two day because of this pain but it still didn’t work, it grew worse!

HOW TO GET RID OF ULCER PERMANENTLYI had to change my doctor and she told me the same thing but this time, she switched my medication, saying getting accustomed to the old one would make them less effective yet NOTHING WORKED!

So I went on Google, I carried out several research on HOW TO GET RID OF ULCER PERMANENTLY.  Some of the things I found out were:


peptic-ulcer-causesBut one thing that is common to them is that they all DIDN’T LAST! All they did was offer temporarily relief and then the ulcer kept coming back and got worse and worse.  Another thing I found out was that long term use of drugs can make the ulcer worse and can lead to multiple side effects. I was close to giving up one day before a colleague from work paid me a visit which changed my life forever.

It was one of those days where I took a sick-leave. I was still in my room, covered in a blanket and clutching at my stomach when my sister told me I had a visitor. I recognized him instantly. He was worried about me and had spoken with one of his cousins who had at one point been an Ulcer patient. She was the one who told me the product she used to cure ulcer PERMANENTLY and that was how I was introduced to this life-saving product! This product is clinically proven with steps on how it stops, heals and eliminates ulcer completely.

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At first, I was reluctant, I have after all used so many cures, but after I spoke with the cousin on the phone and she assured me, especially since she was actually a living testimony, I decided to try it out and I was glad I did.

most-common-women-problemsI followed the instruction and took the product as instructed. I observed the state of things for months and the result was like magic and that was how I cured my ulcer PERMANENTLY and not only that, my irregular menses which I have been experiencing for a long time now became regulated.

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I was so concerned with the ulcer problem that I side-lined another major problem that I was battling with. For the past ten years, my period came irregularly, most times when I least expected it. Some times, twice in month and other times, I might not even see it in three months. I was already used to keeping extra panties and tampons in my bag.

Happy-womanSo it was quite a surprise when I had my menstrual period the second month I started using the product and then twenty eight days later, it came again and on and on, it started coming. This amazing-all-natural-product not only cured my ulcer but also regulated my menses! Now I could mark the time on the calendar and I never had to worry again! It is really incredible!

I shared my testimony on my blog, social media and now I am sharing it with you too!

This amazing product cleanses your digestive system, promotes internal balance by reducing the effect of allergies. It is an-all-natural product that contains minerals, amino acids and enzymes that your body needs to get rid of ALL the disorders in your system.


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Finally, you will be able to-

  • Say goodbye to your ulcer and irregular menses 100 percent. (You will no longer have to worry about those drugs which long-term usage will make your ulcer worse)
  • Say goodbye to sleepless and painful nights, frustrating nausea, loss of appetite and loss of weight!
  • You will finally be able to use your sick-leave for more important things.
  • Gain and boost your confidence without being the center of pity at work and at school.
  • Go on that special vacation you have been planning for so long without any worries!

I have never been this happy and free in a long time. Getting rid of my peptic ulcer and my irregular menses was one of the best things that happened to me.


—Testimonial shared by Miss Lara (Portharcourt)—

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