Fennel Seeds And The 7 Amazing Health Benefits It Provides

Fennel seeds are a native spice to south of Europe, and they are very similar in texture to anise, appearance wise too. The plant grows about 2 meters long and is widely seen growing across the Mediterranean as well, but can be found growing in other parts of the world as well. Did you know, fennel seeds have amazing health benefits which can aid the body in various ways. Some of the benefits we have mentioned below in a gist-

  1. To stop overproduction of intestinal gas
  2. To stop heartburn
  3. To stop bloating
  4. To help stop respiratory issues
  5. To aid with better eyesight
  6. To prevent menstrual problems
  7. To boost sex drive and more…..

Health Benefits Explained

Today, we would like to speak about the various health benefits of fennel seeds, in detail. Please read on and be well-informed.

It Is An Anti-oxidant:

GutBRainAxisThere are plenty of antioxidants in fennel seeds, which helps the body fight against the onslaught of free radicals, premature ageing, cancers and infection, neurological diseases and more. The antioxidants found in the seeds are kaemoferol and quercetin, which help mainly fight ageing and neuro-degenerative diseases.

Helps with Digestion:

There is a lot of dietary fiber in the seeds, which helps increase and aid in digestion. It also helps absorb liquids in the digestive system, and ease any form of constipation as well. This is why, to treat flatulence and over production of gas issues, fennel seeds are used.

Protection From Colon Cancer:

health-benefits-of-fennel-seeds-for-digestion-and-weight-lossThe dietary fiber found in the seeds helps with bringing down absorption in the colon and binding cholesterol too. Fennel seeds with all the antioxidants in it, helps keep the colon safe from cancers of any form. It not only protects the colon from tumorous growths but also protects the colon from radiation effects when cancer is being treated as well.

More Red Blood Cells Produced:

There are many minerals such as potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, copper and iron found in fennel seeds. The red blood cell production is stimulated by copper, and iron too. Zinc on the other hand helps stimulate the growth of red blood cells and its development too. Blood pressure is controlled with potassium, and manganese acts as an antioxidant in all its powers.

Brings Down Water Retention:

water_footprintStudies and research shows, if you drink fennel tea regularly, it helps as a diuretic and flushes out fluids from the body. This also helps bring down puffiness beneath your eyes. Fennel seed tea also brings down the source of toxins in the body and combats urinary problems too.

Regulate Blood Pressure:

The well-known Journal of Food Science, recently published a study which says that when we chew on fennel seeds, it helps activate the salivary glands and increases the nitrite content in our saliva. This in turn helps us keep a check on our blood pressure levels. Since the seeds are a high source of potassium, it helps control the blood pressure levels on a large level.

Perfect to Beat Acne:

Benefits-of-Fennel-Seeds-for-Skin-home-remedies-for-skin-problems-skin-care-tipsStudies and research say, if you consume fennel seeds daily, your body is gifted with selenium, zinc and calcium, which are valuable minerals. These are important minerals which help balance the hormones in the body, and also help with the balance of oxygen levels in the body too.

So here were the many benefits quite amazing on fennel seeds. If you would like to add more or tell us how fennel seeds have helped you, do write in. We are eager to hear from you.

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