Drop these habits for Diabetes Type 2

Mistakenly, People around always think that for them to effectively manage type 2 Diabetes is for them to be consistent with their drugs and stay rigidly to their medication. What happens to their food? They forget so quickly that it is the food they eat that either aggravates or ameliorates the rise of Diabetes 2 in their system. If food is the main cause, why focus on medicine which is just a step to getting better? Let Us look at these healthy food habits and lifestyle choices that would help Us make better choices.


  • Sugar Free Foods:

    Most super markets contain things that appear to be diabetes friendly because it is clearly indicated that they are “sugar-free”. But, many of these products contain sugar substitutes called carbs. Unfortunately, carbs have the ability to send your blood sugar levels soaring just like sugar would do. So, before You pick that product, kindly check the nutrition facts to confirm how much gram of carbs it contains.

  • Meal Replacement bars:

    Meal replacement bars are a great innovation that saves time for proper meals but, they were aimed at athletes. As such, they are quite high in calories. Some even contain sugar alcohols that could cause stomach upset. Replacement bars are also great for slimming down and losing weight but munching on them to save time is okay once You have paid attention to the nutrition info. But, stick to the real meal. It is the real deal.

  • Vitamins and supplements:

    For a type 2 Diabetes patient, there is nothing as good as a diet laced with enough fruits and vegetables. If however, You decide to to go the way of drugs and use supplements such as multi vitamins and supplements, be rest assured that regardless of how well they work, they can never match the real deal – food. To use supplements, ask your Doctor to ensure its safe for You.

  • Drinking Juice:

    An apple has about 19 grams of sugar and 45 grams of fiber. Compare that to an Apple juice which is just sugar of 25 grams and 0.5 grams of fiber. A product that is labelled as natural does not automatically mean it is healthy. Based on a study done on juices, it was found out that drinking juice everyday increases the risk of developing diabetes while eating fruits lowers it.

  • High fatty foods:

    As much as fat is included in the list of composition that makes for a healthy diet, knowing how to choose the right kind is quite an advantage. Limiting saturated fats and avoiding trans-fat totally is one step in the right direction for staying healthy. However, little portions of mono-saturated and polyunsaturated fats are healthy.

  • Junk Foods:

    Do We still fall under the temptation of junk foods daily? Your intention from the onset was to just have a little to snack on. But, it tasted so good that we had to take another and another. Steer clear of junk foods.

Do You have other suggestions as regards habits to keep one safe from Diabetes Type 2, kindly drop them in the comment button below.

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