Did You Know Cumin Seeds Could Help You Lose Weight?

To make a dish yummy and tasty, we use spices. In India, most of the cuisines have spices in them, and some of the most healthy ones that too as the main ingredients. But who knew that a simple humble spice such as cumin could help aid in weight loss and more. Speaking of the same, today we would like to share more interesting facts on the spice CUMIN, and how it helps aid in weight loss too.

Cumin to the Rescue

Cumin-SeedsIf you have tried everything under the sun to lose weight, and did not succeed well, don’t despair. There is still some good news around. Research and studies say the seeds and powder of cumin, could help jump-start the process of weight loss. The spice is known to help bring down body fat, and LDL which is bad cholesterol levels in the body as well. Apart from that, cumin is known to help aid in digestion too, and helps with one’s metabolism levels as well.

Small but Powerful

cumin-seeds-thumbCumin seeds are small and tiny, but they have the capacity of a gladiator to fight fat that is insoluble. You could even try having cumin water; a miracle weight loss concoction which experts say when had in the morning before eating anything, can help with weight loss too. Apart from that, the water of cumin can help give you relief from constipation and poor digestion as well, and also insulin resistance too. Studies show that in a months time when you consume cumin water regularly, you would notice the difference in your weight.

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What Is Cumin Water?

Health-Benefits-of-Cumin-WaterCumin water is easily made at home, by soaking a few seeds of cumin in water all night long. Water enters the seeds through the osmosis process, and the seeds swell up. The nutrients are then released into the water in which the seeds rested all night, and the water turns a yellowish hue the next morning.

What Does the Water Contain?

cumin-waterThe water contains essential oils from the seeds along with thymol from the seeds. These nutrients help boost the salivary glands, and thus helps with digestion of foods in the body. They also help stop the sluggishness that happens to the digestive system once we eat anything.  You can also prepare cumin seed water by bringing some seeds to a boil in a bowl of water. When the water turns into a brownish hue, the stove must be switched off and the vessel should be covered to steep the seeds. Let the liquid now cool down to normal temperature. This concoction should be drunk thrice a day, which helps improve digestion and aid in weight loss too.

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A Recipe for Cumin Seed Weight Loss Water


  1. A teaspoon of cumin seeds
  2. A teaspoon of honey
  3. A bowl of water


In a bowl of water, add the seeds of cumin and bring it to a boil. Once the water turns yellowish brown, switch off the stove. Let the water sit until it reaches room temperature. Mix the honey in it and strain the water. Have this water thrice a day.

We hope this post on cumin seeds for weight loss comes in handy. Do write in and let us know your thoughts on the same. We are eager to hear from you.

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