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Cloves (spice)

5 Interesting Health Benefits Of Cloves You May Have Not Known About

Health benefits of cloves. Cloves are an interesting spice all by itself. It is full of properties that can benefit our health. Some of the properties  worth mentioning are- Antifungal Antioxidant Antibacterial Aphrodisiac Antiviral Anti inflammatory Analgesic There are essential ingredients in cloves Yes, you read that right. Cloves are a rich source of very […]
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Woman with Asthma Attack | Dr. Seyi

3 Steps to Stop Asthma

Even if you seem to be pretty healthy today, there’s a good chance that inflammation is simmering in your body, quietly damaging your heart, your mind and other tissues. Inflammation is the leading cause of asthma today and some 300 million people currently suffer from asthma. Natural asthma remedies can help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is […]
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