Can Pelvic Infection Affect Having A Child?

Can Pelvic Infection Affect Having A Child_

Some health problems can cause a woman not to be able to conceive and increases the risk of infertility. PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) is one of those health conditions. Many women have PID and don’t know it. This is because sometimes women with PID don’t have any symptoms.

What is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)?

PID is an infection of a woman’s pelvic organs. PID is most often caused by an STI that hasn’t been treated. You can keep from getting PID by not getting an STI (sexually transmitted infection).

The culprit…

Can Pelvic Infection Affect Having A Child?Bacteria (a type of germ) that moves up from a woman’s vagina, infecting her tubes, ovaries, and womb. Many different types of germs can cause PID. After a person is infected, it can take from a few days to a few months to turn into PID.

What are quite alarming are the more times you have PID, the more likely it is that you won’t be able to have children. These bacteria can infect the tubes and cause inflammation of the tubes. This turns normal tissue into scar tissue, which can block your tubes and make it harder to get pregnant. Even having just a little scar tissue can keep you from getting pregnant.

You can have PID and not know it – here are some signs to look for…

  • pain in your lower abdomen (stomach area)
  • fever (99.6Ës or higher)
  • vaginal discharge that may smell
  • painful sex
  • painful urination
  • irregular periods

Can Pelvic Infection Affect Having A Child?If you think that you may have PID, STDs and UTI, please click here to contact our health consultant on WhatsApp right away. Don’t put off getting treatment. Pelvic inflammatory disease can be cured using our highly effective treatment solution called CURBINFECT. If PID is not treated, it can lead to severe problems like infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and constant pelvic pain.

Your chances are greatly improved if you are treated right away. What’s even better – you are less likely to have long-term problems, such as infertility.

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