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Bones are made up of mostly collagen, a protein that is woven into a flexible framework. Bones contain calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. These minerals add strength and harden the framework of the bones. Based on the information above, if the following can add strength and framework to bones, then there would be properties that can reduce the strength and framework of the bone structure. These are foods You should avoid your bones stay as healthy as they should be.

  • Salt: Salt could easily get the award for the first enemy of bone formulation and strengthening. The more You ingest salt, the more your body lets go of calcium. What this means in essence is that salt is not really there to help your bones. As much as you cannot cut out salt totally from your diet, minimizing it to about 2.300 milligrams of sodium a day is fair enough.
  • Potato Couching: Do You recall lounging on your seat and spending a lot of time for that favorite show of yours on Television? It is not a crime to laze about once in a while and have fun but doing it too much makes the bone miss out on exercise and makes them weak. It is usually better to have your bones strong than lazy.
  • Staying indoors for too long: The body needs a bit of sunlight for it to process Vitamin D properly. With as little as 10-15 mins of sunlight intermittently in a week, the body would be able to process Vitamin D which it also requires.
  • Excessive Alcohol: The pressure is usually upon Us to drink especially at Social gatherings. Now, taking alcohol is not totally bad in itself, but to keep bone loss in check, it is recommended that one limits the quantity of alcohol ingested. For ladies, One drink a Day is recommended while 2 drinks for Men is optimal.
  • Soda for the body: A lot of caffeine and phosphorus goes into the production of too many cola flavored sodas in the markets and stores today. And bone loss has been related to the presence of the caffeine and phosphorus in these drinks. Also, excessive quantities of coffee or tea can also rub off wrongly on the bones.
  • Cigarettes: Understandably, there are now two versions of smoking, direct and non-direct. However, anyone who regularly inhales cigarette smoke, asides being liable to die young, the bones would not be able to form new healthy tissues. However, if smoking stops, the body could eventually pick up and continue processing tissues as it should.
  • Lastly, Drugs: Drugs were meant to heal an ailment or the other. But, an extended usage can result in some problems. Asides the side effects that are usually documented, the drugs could also cause bone loss. Specifically, the continuous ingestion of some drugs can lead to bone loss.

Please do avoid these practices because of your bones and your well being. Do You need to ask the Doctor one or two questions? Direct your questions to Dr. Seyi and get all the response You need.

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