7 ways to reduce risk of Heart Attack

It is very surprising that it is usually the things that we do not put much thought to that actually causes and increases the risk we put on our health. More surprising is the notion that once We change some small ways in which we do things, we really cut our odds of having a heart attack. Let Me take You through some steps you can do to improve your health and reduce your chances of having a heart attack.


  • Exercise: The usefulness of exercise cannot be over emphasized. Moderate physical activity lowers your chances of a heart attack drastically. Do a short 30 minutes of exercising that gets your heart pumping 5 days in a week. You can go for either walking or swimming. For those who have tight work schedules, break your exercise routine and split it through the day.


  • Set Weight goals: For those who are overweight, your goal does not have to be you getting thin to reduce the risk of a heart attack. Your goals should be to reduce 7% to 10% of your weight and you’ll be shocked to realize that you have improved your cholesterol numbers, lowered your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


  • Eat Healthy: As obvious as it sounds, eating good food and sticking to a healthy habit is one sure way of lowering your odds of getting heart disease. Ensure you have a lot of vegetables in your mix and please stay away from processed foods because they contain high quantities of salt and sugar. Oh, they also contain preservatives.


  • Take some liquor: Surprised to see this here? I am as surprised as you are but alcohol is not totally bad in itself. The misuse is what is wrong about it. To get the benefits of alcohol without the risk women should stop at a drink a day and two drinks for men.


  • Chocolate: Still surprised at the things that are good for your heart? Go strictly for the dark chocolate and make sure the ingredients of the chocolate contain at least 70% cacao. Cacao is filled with just the right portion of nutrients to help your health. But, keep it on the low so you don’t gain excessive weight.


  • Smoke: Smoke not. Do not smoke. Read more about smoking here. Smoking increase your chances of having a heart condition. Remember to talk to Dr. Seyi about how You can quit.


  • Pay attention to telltale signs: If you suddenly have some funny feelings or you suddenly feel something different, watch for it and inform your Doctor. These changes could include shortness of breath, change in heart rhythm and maybe extreme tiredness. Watch out for pain in certain parts of your body too. Just ensure you report it all to your Doctor.


In all You do, remember that your health is your wealth and You must keep both your health and your wealth. Kindly drop your questions and comments below and Dr. Seyi will attend to them.

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