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7 Types of facial treatments and their benefits

7 Types of facial treatments and their benefits



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The desire to have a beautiful looking face and a youthful glowing skin has been with humans for centuries. 


For this reason, facial therapies have been used since then to  help curb the skin problems to reverse aging or correct factors that affect the skin.


The effects of aging, climate, bacteria, infection, injury etc has caused people to explore different ways to achieve a radiating skin they’re confident can be confident with. 


In this article, I’ll reveal 7 types facial treatments and their benefits that can revive and rejuvenate weak aging and spotty skin. 


But first, let’s look at what a facial treatment is before we dive into the types of facial therapies and finally explore the amazing health benefits of having a facial therapy 


So real quick…


What is a facial treatment (therapy)?


A facial treatment or therapy is a medical cosmetic treatment aimed to correct, improve and restore the skin to achieve the desired beauty results of the individual (male or female). 


It involves exfoliation, extraction and steaming. In other cases, experts will make use of facial masks, peels, and facial massages with other combinations to nourish and hydrate the skin to help you achieve your desired complexion.


Admittedly, which method is used solely depends on your individual choices, and your desired goal. 


Let’s quickly talk about the types of facial treatments.


Types of facial treatments 


There are many types and sub types of facial treatments. In this post, I’ll talk about the most common seven and point out their benefits respectively. 

  • Aromatherapy Facial 


It has to do with the use of plants and oils that contain refreshing aromas that help rejuvenate the skin and at the same time lead the mind into an aural of relaxation. 


The plant cells available in the oils drip right into the skin during the massage to help revive the skin at the cellular level, stimulating cell regeneration. 


The facial treatment is done with exfoliating, moisturizing cream, serum, a mask, and an und-eye-gel to revive the youthfulness of the skin and relaxation of the mind. 

  • Anti-aging Facial 


The anti-aging facial treatment is performed by a deep pore cleansing, exfoliating and microdermabrasion or skin resurfacing, which is then followed by a mask that stimulates skin tightening.


And finally, a serum (which is collagen-based) is used to complete the treatment.


This facial uses ingredients that are super effective in silencing the signs of aging like wrinkles, eyebags, folds and other signs of aging. 


It is a good facial for women over age 30 to help them enjoy radiant beauty by rewinding the effects of aging as they grow older 

  • Nutraceutical Facial


This is a classic facial suitable for women over 30. It is the exact facial treatment used by Bollywood stars to maintain a bright and well-hydrated skin that keeps them looking young and camera-worthy even in old age


It involves the use of therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum of modified hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, and amino peptides to the skin to revive and renew aging skin.

  • Classic Facial


A classic facial is actually the most common facial treatment which involves the cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and a face mask using carefully selected products based on your skin type

  • Anti-Acne Facial


If you suffer from acne of any kind, this is a special facial treatment for you.


The anti-Acne facial treatment releases the excess oil build-up of oil under the surface of your facial skin and cleans out the clogging dirt affecting your pores. 


With the use of salicylic acid and glycolic acid to treat and eliminate your acne, making your face shine with flawless beauty. 

  • Contouring Facial


Contouring facial treatment is used to lift sagging-wrinkled skin to make it firm by combining stimulation with acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage to tone your facial muscles in order to achieve a perfect V-shaped contour, leaving you with a brilliant youthful skin

  • Relaxing Facial


A special facial treatment designed to improve the circulation of blood in your facial muscles and stimulate relaxation and soothing skin.


Depending on your skin type, a variety of creams and essential oils will be used during the treatment to help moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.


Also, it can help melt away stress and leave you with a refreshed mind and soul.


Benefits of facial therapy


The benefits that come with getting a facial are many but the goal is almost always the same, to achieve a blameless and youthful skin.


Here are a few other benefits you can enjoy from a facial therapy:


  1. Reverse or slow the effects of aging 
  2. Cleanse your skin and keep it free from toxins 
  3. Treat acne and other skin defects 
  4. Reduce stress and relieve psychological De-stress 
  5. Eliminate whiteheads and blackheads 
  6. Open up all clogged pores for efficient removal of dead cells
  7. Tightens your skin
  8. Eliminate eyebags and dark circles 
  9. Tightens your skin and makes it firm
  10. Makes the skin soft and glowing 




Getting a facial has more to do with the results you want to get than the type you choose. So, it’s always important to go to a dermatologist or a medical spa where the presiding physician or doctor will examine your skin and other factors to help you achieve your goal without side effects. 

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