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Stay Active all Day long

Nowadays, it is quite common to hear statements such as “I’m tired”. At some point, I could even say I hear it a lot more than I hear the words “I’m fine”. So, is fatigue fast becoming a daily occurrence or are We just faking it so We get sympathy? Whatever the case may be, we cannot deny that fatigue is fast becoming a general complain that We hear regularly.

How to stay active all day

A lot of factors are generally responsible for this. And even if We cannot start going through all the reasons for the tiredness, We will not forget simple cases such as traffic in places such as Lagos and some other busy cities in Nigeria. Coupled with this also, We have the very busy work schedules and little time for relaxation. How do We then mix all these factors together and still retain our energy? Let Me take Us through these steps to retaining our energy level:

  • Talk to your Doctor : Fatigue is a symptom common to many illnesses. The illnesses include: Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, anemia and sleep apnea. Remember to talk to your Doctor if You feel unusually tired.
  • Keep Pushing: Nothing feels more enjoyable like taking a chill when your body is tired and you feel the need to rest. Falling for this temptation is high but the end is tiredness. To combat it, get moving. Exercise for a bit. Now the exercise does not have to be stressful. You could do a little and leave it at that. But, You have to exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water: Getting dehydrated could also be another reason it looks like You get tired too easily. Dehydration reduces alertness and concentration even for people. This is because when You get dehydrated, you lose energy and this impairs physical performance.
  • Get proper rest: Do you get easily fatigued during the day? Did you get enough rest the night before? Sometimes, if You do not get the required amount of sleep that you need to take you through the day, this could account for your tiredness during the day. Having a good sleep habit will help you make your day more productive. In case you missed out on sleep, just aim for a short nap in the afternoon to get you through the day.
  • Drop your weight on the scale: If You can lose an extra weight, it can help to boost your energy level. Weight Loss Experts usually recommend cutting back on portion sizes, eating balanced meals and engaging more in physical activities. This brings us to the question of eating healthy. Eating healthy can also help with staying active all day long. Eat more vegetables, whole grains etc. Consult your Doctor on what suits You best. When you eat healthier more often, You tend to lose weight easily and stay healthy and strong always.

Remember the first advice given on this page is for you to consult your Doctor if You feel too tired excessively. Staying healthy should be your primary concern and it is ours too. Send in your comments and questions below.

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