5 Interesting Health Benefits Of Cloves You May Have Not Known About

Health benefits of cloves. Cloves are an interesting spice all by itself. It is full of properties that can benefit our health. Some of the properties  worth mentioning are-

  1. Antifungal
  2. Antioxidant
  3. Antibacterial
  4. Aphrodisiac
  5. Antiviral
  6. Anti inflammatory
  7. Analgesic

There are essential ingredients in cloves

cloves-ceylon-whole-1Yes, you read that right. Cloves are a rich source of very important ingredients. They are also rich in minerals, such as iron and manganese, phosphorus and sodium, potassium and iodine, along with dietary fiber and omega 3 fatty acids too, magnesium and calcium as well. Here are some of the benefits of cloves that you should know off.

Benefits of Cloves

1. Brings down toothaches

Brings down toothachesCloves are highly effective to rid oneself from pesky toothaches. Clove oil or cloves have anti inflammatory powers and it is analgesic too, which helps bring down the inflammation and pains, or swellings around the infected portion of the gums and the tooth. This helps bring down pains to a large extent. The antiseptic property of cloves also helps to fight infection around the tooth and does not allow the infection to spread as well.

2. Fights bad breath

How-To-Get-Rid-Of-Bad-Breath-Fast-800Since cloves are a natural antiseptic, they help very much in fighting bad breath and mouth odors too. What it does is it kills the bacteria that are in the mouth, which are the cause of bad breath. They clean the matter which is decaying on the tongue, the upper part of the throat and the palate too. The strong aroma of cloves also helps disburse off the bad odor from the mouth within minutes of chewing the spice.

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3. Anti nausea and anti vomiting

Cloves-to-cure-nausea-during-pregnancyStudies and research shows us that the strong aromatic and the awesome soothing properties of cloves can help bring down nausea to a large extent. Cloves can help pregnant women find relief from morning sickness and nausea related to pregnancy as well. One can inhale a few drops of clove oil or chew two cloves first thing in the morning to gain relief from vomiting and nausea.

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4. Improves overall digestion

improve-your-digestionCloves have carminative properties, which means it helps bring down the formation of gas in the stomach. The spice is known to help play a major role in digestion too, and it promotes enzyme production within the digestive system as well. The gastrointestinal tract lining is smoothened out with cloves, which brings down stomach aches, vomiting tendencies, intestinal gas and diarrhea too. You can chew a single clove piece after a meal for the same.

5. Helps bring down joint pains

InflammationCloves have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and the oil of clove is known to bring down inflammation too. The oil is known to also help alleviate joint pains and muscle aches as well.  Cloves are very rich in iron and omega 3 fatty acids, and calcium too. All of which helps improve the strength of the bones and the joints. To use clove oil, one should mix a little of the oil with another oil- coconut or mustard and massage the affected area twice a day.

We hope these benefits of cloves make good reading sense to you? Do write in and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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