4 Warning Signs You Might Never Get Pregnant

There are some silent warning signs that could lead to permanent infertility in women if not discovered early and treated.


Inability to recognize these silent, deadly symptoms could take away from you the ability to conceive and bear children as a woman.


In this article, I’ll reveal four of them to you and a smart way to follow when you notice any of the symptoms in your body.


Pay attention and read through carefully so that you may not be taken unaware by a silent monster that could pose a threat to your reproductive health.


Here Are The 4 Symptoms That Could Mean You May Never Get Pregnant.


  • Heavy/Painful Periods


4 Warning Signs You Might Never Get PregnantFor many women, abdominal pain during their menstruation is a normal thing but…


When the pain is so severe to keep you off your normal daily activities.


That might be a sign of a severe disorder like ENDOMETRIOSIS which, if not treated early could lead to permanent infertility.


Do not delay seeing your doctor when you experience unusual pain during your menstruation. It could be a warning sign of infertility in its early stage.


Similarly, excessive bleeding during your period could be a sign of FIBROID or ADENOMYOSIS.


Which could grow in size and in number, slowly reducing your quality of life and the ability to conceive and give birth to children if not treated early.


It is true some women do bleed more than others during their period but…


The flow is considered too heavy when it could soak through a pad within an hour or when the period lasts longer than one week.


Do not ignore these signs…


Are you following?


Okay… moving on.


  • Irregular or lack of menstruation


4 Warning Signs You Might Never Get PregnantOn average, the female menstrual cycle is 25-30 days long and it’s still normal if your cycle is fewer days shorter or longer provided it is consistent.


When your cycle begins to vary or you begin to go for months without menstruation.


This month, 21 days… another month, 30 days, and another month 25 days?


That’s irregular menstruation.


Take it as a wake-up call from a warning sign of infertility.


This could be a result of a serious hormonal disorder such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).


Which is one of the common causes of infertility in women.




  • Sudden Weight Gain


4 Warning Signs You Might Never Get PregnantAdmittedly, some women are more prone to weight gain than others, and for some, they may not lose weight regardless of what they eat.


But, it is usually a bad sign when you notice a dramatic increase in your body weight as a woman.


Take note.


It could be a result of a hormonal trigger or estrogen imbalance.


If kept unchecked, it could lead to infertility.


A fine hormonal balance regulates the menstrual cycle.


But overweight and obese women have higher levels of a hormone called leptin, which is produced in fatty tissues. This can disrupt the hormone balance and lead to infertility in women.


The last on the list…


  • Loss of sexual drive (low libido)


4 Warning Signs You Might Never Get PregnantThere are many factors that could cause a loss of intimacy in women.


Such as fatigue, lifestyle habits, and some medications.


Sometimes it could be a result of diseases like Diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and cancer.


However, changes in estrogen levels can cause the loss of sexual drive in women and disrupt their ability to get pregnant.


Another problem common with this issue is what is called Vagina Dryness which can cause severe pain and distress during sex because of the lack of moisture.


When having sex is out of the way, the chance of getting pregnant naturally is canceled.


Sometimes it may even be as a result of a more severe condition like ENDOMETRIOSIS which is more dangerous if not treated early.


There you have it–4 common early signs you may never know that could stop you from getting pregnant.


Sighs… huh.


Don’t let it weigh you down when you notice any of these symptoms in your body.


Instead, be happy that you know what they mean to your health.


It only gets dangerous when it is discovered too late or treatment is delayed upon discovery.


There are basically two things to your advantage with these symptoms.


The first one is knowing the symptoms.


And the second is meeting a doctor as quickly as possible when you notice the symptoms.


That’s it 👍


Be healthy and have a lovely day.


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